Shrove Tuesday – Pancake Supper

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this wonderful event!st-cuthbert-pancake-4
A record breaking crowd (over 130 tickets sold) enjoyed
sizzling sausages and fluffy home-made pancakes made
by our Queens of the Griddle, Diane Gray and Betty
Crichton with sous-chef Gordon Deeks. The crowds kept
our chefs busy all evening as shouts for “More
Pancakes” rang in the kitchen.
We had: Great Volunteers who set up, served and
cleaned up with energy and enthusiasm but nothing
could beat the buzz in Lamb Hall as food and fellowship
We had: A wonderful welcome team of Ted Krawchuk,
Chris Vyse, Lorna Krawchuk and the Rev. Ian LaFleur
greeting friends, parishioners and guests at the door and
during the

We had: Parishioners bringing family members and
We had: Visiting dignitaries and were delighted to
welcome 3 local politicians including Rob Oliphant,
Josh Matlow and his family and Jon Burnside.
Thank you to Joanne Cantrill for her efforts to
coordinate the visitors and flyers around Leaside
We had: Kids flipping pancakes, kids and adults playing
games and enjoying crafts. Thank you to Maureen, Jan
and Catherine for overseeing the ChurchKids activities.
We had: A rousing chorus of Happy Birthday sung by
the entire crowd – some harmony was even overheard -to 12 year old Genevieve and yes, we had cake, donated by parents Lauren Dade and Jacques Lee for all to enjoy.
Happy Birthday Genevieve from your church family!
We had: Record breaking proceeds of over $500 to St.
Cuthbert’s fundraising.
And most importantly, WE HAD FUN!
Thank you to everyone!
Your Pancake Team:
Diane Gray, Heather Conolly and Betty Crichton


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