Environmental Film

Stefan Hostetter of Green Majority will kick off St. Cuthbert’s 2018 Environmental Film Festival. Our featured film will be More Food Less Water. This film was featured on TVO on December 11, 2017, part of the Water Brothers movie series. Stephan will lead a panel discussion at the end of the film. All environmentalists are welcome! WB_S4_MoreFoodLessWater-28-of-30Green Majority Media is a social enterprise dedicated to inspiring citizens to take control of their own environments whether their own house or their country and protect their rights to a healthy and safe life. Governments and corporations make most of the rules that govern our lives and sadly they don’t always have our safety and prosperity at the top of their list. It’s up to us to stand up and speak out, and their organization is all about arming people with information so they can protect themselves and their families futures. We answer to our members, and we hope that means you!

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