World Day of Prayer

St. Cuthbert’s Leaside is this year’s host for the World Day of Prayer. The service will be held on Friday, March 1, 2019, at 2:00 pm.

Perhaps a little background on the World Day of Prayer might be helpful to those of you who have not previously attended the service.

In 1918, a group of Canadian women founded the Women’s Inter-church Council of Canada (WICC), which is a national ecumenical Christian organization and the sponsor of the World Day of Prayer in Canada. The organization was formed to enable women from all churches to work together in prayer and action. Today, WICC’s mission is to empower Christians to pursue justice, peace, and reconciliation by standing together in prayer and action. When you raise your voices in prayer and song at the World Day of Prayer, you are one with Christians worldwide.

Each year the women of a different country are chosen to write the service. This year’s beautiful service has been written by the women of Slovenia, with the theme Come Everything is ready!

Although the service is written by women, men are most welcome and are encouraged to attend.

Come Everything is ready!  Please join us.

                                                Dorcas Sheppard

St. Cuthbert’s World Day of Prayer Co-ordinator.

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