Youth Room Prayer Station TKC prayer 2

Welcome.  You’re invited to take a few minutes from your day for prayer.

What’s this about?           St. Cuthbert’s is celebrating THY KINGDOM COME, a global prayer movement encouraging people to join in prayer for ten days from May 10 to May 20.

Why these ten days?  Great question!  God wants us to pray regularly but sometimes it helps to know that you’re part of something really big, something bold and exciting. Besides, two important Christian celebrations occur during this period; The Feast of the Ascension where Jesus ascends leaves this earth, to be with God the Father and The Feast of Pentecost when we’re given the gift of the Holy Spirit.  It’s that Spirit that walks alongside us every day.  The Spirit will help you with your prayers.

Well, I don’t think I know how to pray.  No worries.  Prayer is really just talking to God. You see, the prayers are already there, resting inside our hearts, waiting for us to give them voice  That’s where we come in – you’ve got help!

Each of the following 3 activities can help free up some head and heart space for God.  There’s no right or wrong way to do this.   Take a deep breath, be still and listen for God’s voice.

Thanks for visiting the Youth Room Prayer and for praying with St. Cuthberts and others around the world.  You’re welcome to visit the Quiet Garden or the Sanctuary upstairs.  Tell a friend.  Bring someone from your family. Please take a bookmark as you leave and …

May God bless your busy day and be with you in your quiet thoughts.



Calming Prayer

Sit quietly in one of the comfortable chairs.

Close your eyes.

Breathe deeply and slowly – in and out.

Try and clear your mind of chores, worries, obligations and distractions.

While breathing in, say silently or aloud –

God never changes.

And when breathing out –

            Grant me patience and peace.

Repeat –

            God never changes.                                  (Breath in…)

            Grant me patience and peace –            (breath out …)

until you feel your body relax and your mind clears.

When your spirit is refreshed you are invited to pray –

Thank you Lord for life and breath and quietness.



Heart Strings

Think of something you saw or heard today that touched you, that pulled at your heart strings  and made you pause,  brought a smile, a sigh, some laughter or caused you to say; “Life is good.”  What happened? How did you feel?   Were you alone or with others?  Did anyone notice?  Could it be the hand of God in the world?  We think so!

Use the art supplies or writing equipment here in the Youth Room to record your Heart String.  You can write about or draw exactly what you experienced or you can express your Heart String moment in an abstract way. There is no right or wrong in this activity.  Listen to your heart.  Listen for God’s voice in your experience.  You’re welcome to post your reflections on our Prayer Board or to take it home with you.

When your creation is complete you are invited to pray silently or aloud –

            Thank you Lord for giving me eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to love

            the entire amazing world you have created.



Five Friends Prayer Rope

Think of five people you know who need support.  Perhaps they are struggling with illness, grief, worry, a personal situation or maybe you just want to remind yourself to think of them more often.

Select a piece of lacing from the craft box.

Place a knot with a loop at one end.

Select five special beads from the craft box.

Make a knot 4 cm away from your end loop.

Slide your first bead on the lacing until it rests at the first knot.

Tie a knot at the other side so the bead stays in one place.

Name your first friend, hold the bead between your fingers, think of your friend and pray –

God, be with my friend ______. She/he needs your love.

Repeat this process four more times until you have included the five friends who need support with a different bead.  Pray for each friend as you tie the knots.

Keep your prayer rope in your pocket, by your desk or beside your bed, somewhere close to remind you of your friends and remind you to hold them in prayer.  When you finish this activity you are invited to pray =

Thank you God for loving us and teaching us to love one another.  Dear      God,             please keep my friends safe in your care.