TKC – Family Prayer Activities


Family Prayer Activities at St. Cuthberts 

 Thanks for taking these Family Prayer Activities home.  We hope you have fun praying together and that it draws your family closer together.  Welcome to ten exciting days of prayer.TKC prayer 1

What’s this about?   St. Cuthbert’s is participating in THY KINGDOM COME, a global prayer movement encouraging people to join in prayer for ten days from May 10 to May 20.

Why these ten days?  Great question!  We understand that God wants us to pray regularly but sometimes it helps to know that you’re part of something really big, something bold and dramatic.  These particular ten days fall between two important Christian celebrations; The Feast of the Ascension where Jesus leaves this earth and ascends to heaven to be with God the Father and The Feast of Pentecost when we’re given the gift of the Holy Spirit.  It’s that Spirit that walks alongside us every day.  We hope and pray that the Spirit will breathe new life into your family prayer time.  Sound exciting?

We’re not very good ‘prayers’.  I don’t think we’re doing it right. No worries.  Prayer is really about talking to God.  You see, the prayers are already there, resting inside our hearts, waiting for us to give them voice.  There’s no right or wrong way to pray.  You just have to start simply and stick with it!  Besides – you’ve got help!  Find a little time to gather your family, try some of these activities, think, talk, laugh, reflect and, most important, listen for God’s voice.

Why not visit the church during the week.  There are three prayer stations open over the next ten days.  The Quiet Garden, The Youth Room and the Sanctuary each offers a unique invitation to listen, to be creative, to be at peace and to pray.  Visit for more creative ideas and activities about prayer.

Thanks to your family for praying with our St. Cuthberts family and with believers all around the world.  Think of it – that’s a lot of Prayer Power! Praying together we can change the world.

For Younger Children:  Good times to pray together are those times you do something regularly, like brushing teeth, eating a meal, walking or driving to childcare or school or going to bed. Keep prayer time short and simple particularly for younger children.

  • PICTURE PRAYERS:      Materials:       a selection of photos of family and friends.                                                   Directions:       Select one picture each day or each time you pray.   Talk about the person; why you love them, their strengths and their challenges.   Ask God to be with them and keep them safe.  Pray for any special needs they may have.
  • THANK YOU GOD:                   for the meals you eat each day. 

                                                for a new day of work and play,

                                                for the sunshine or the rain ,

                                                 for …….

  • LEGO PRAYERS:                       Materials:                   a selection of Lego or Duplo                                                               Directions:                   ask:   “Who do we need to pray for today – who’s sick or in trouble or lonely?”  Build your prayer structure block by block.  Every piece you add   represents a person, a problem in the world or something you need God’s help with.  As you add each block pray for each situation, eg. …

Dear God, please look after my Grandma who has a new hip. 

            Jesus, be with children everywhere, especially the ones who are waiting in refugee             camps.

            God, I’m worried about starting piano lessons.  I’m not sure I’ll be good at this. 

Give your structure a name.  Take a picture each time you create a LEGO PRAYER.   Share your prayer activity with Church Kids

  • PRAYER CHAINS:         Materials:       Construction paper, glue, tape or a stapler. Directions:            When complete this will be an old-fashioned paper chain.  Cut/tear different coloured slips of construction paper, 10 – 15 cm long, and 3 – 5 cm wide. Name each strip for a person or problem that needs God’s help.  Children can write on the strips or adults can scribe for them.  Pray for the person or situation, fasten the circle and say – AMEN – before moving to your next strip.   Fasten each of the next strips to the previous one, creating a colourful chain.  You can create your Prayer Chain in one sitting or divide it up and offer 3 or 4 prayers each day.  Challenge yourself to see how many different prayers you can offer to God in ten days.  There’s power in these prayer chains!

For Older Children

  • FIVE FRIENDS PRAYER ROPE:            Materials:      rope, thick wool, or lacing                                                                           Directions:     cut a section of rope, wool or lacing about 20 cm long.  Think of five friends you are concerned about.  Maybe they are struggling in school, having family problems or are unhappy or maybe you just want to remind yourself to think of them more often. Make 5 knots along your rope, one for each friend.  As you make each knot, think of that person, what it means to be their friend and what they are struggling with.  If you’d like to pray aloud you’re invited to say;

Thank you God for loving us and teaching us to love one another.  Please keep       ______             safe in your care.      Amen

Keep your prayer rope in your pocket, by your desk or beside your bed, somewhere             close to        remind you of your friends and remind you to hold them in prayer.

  • GLOBAL PRAYERS:                 Materials:  Newspapers, internet, TV, Social Media                                                                     Directions:     Give everyone 3 – 5 minutes to search current events on-line, on screen or in the local paper.  Instruct them, adults included, to return with news of an event that either made them feel good or was concerning.   Share and discuss these stories one at a time.  Reflect on the impact of this news on the world locally and globally.  Who’s impacted?  Are there future implication?  Are there solutions?  Can your family do anything to help?  What can you pray for?  After everyone has shared – pray.  Give thanks for the good news, for the people who were God’s helping hands in the world and ask God’s help for those stories where there is pain and sorrow.
  • FAMILY PRAYER BOX:                        Materials:      some sort of box or container with a lid, art                                                             materials, paper, And pens.

Directions:     During family prayer time alternate between – Dear God, I am thankful for… and… Please God help me with … Set aside 3 minutes for every family member to either write or illustrate one thing they are thankful for or need help with.   Invite family members to share their prayers, only if they wish.  Fold the prayers and place them in the box.  When the ten days of Thy Kingdom Come is finished burn these papers outside praying …

Dear Lord, accept these prayers we’ve offered.  May our petitions rise up just as you ascended into heaven.  Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.      Amen.