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Advocacy at St. Cuthbert’s

Taking Action on Climate Change

St. Cuthbert’s, Leaside recognizes that there is a global climate emergency. We acknowledge that all sectors of society, including government, business, churches and other non-profit organizations, and private individuals, have an obligation to do what they can to minimize their contribution to climate change. 

At our 2020 Vestry meeting, St. Cuthbert’s joined with Anglicans throughout the Diocese of Toronto to call on the government to commit to the following:

  • Work to reduce public subsidies to the fossil fuel industry
  • Bring Canada’s climate and energy policy into alignment with the Paris Accord emissions targets to do our part to limit the rise in global average temperatures below 1.5 degrees Celsius
  • Support a just transition to a low-carbon economy through investment in renewable energy sources and infrastructure, energy-efficient technologies, and skills development and retraining for high-quality, sustainable jobs in the renewable energy sector
  • Assist Indigenous, northern, and coastal communities, and other vulnerable populations, to adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change on their local environments

As Christians, we have a particular obligation to care for the earth as God’s beloved creation (Genesis 1:26-29, 2:15), as well as for the most vulnerable among the human family (Matthew 25).

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