Safe Church

Our Baptismal Covenant is our commitment to making our church and our programs safe places for all, this is part of what we do as Anglicans. We practice safe church through our screening and training programs. See more about our screening process and workshops at:

***      Safe Church training — Tuesday Dec. 4 at 7:30pm and Sunday Dec. 9 after the 10:00   a.m. service  in the boardroom at St. Cuthbert’s.   ***

Creating “Safe Church” at St. Cuthbert’s

St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church is a caring Christian community that seeks to love God and serve our neighbour. As an Anglican Parish in the Diocese of Toronto we uphold the Diocesan Policies to ensure our places of ministry are safe and healthy, especially for vulnerable children and adults who come to them in trust. It is the means by which the Diocese of Toronto responds to our call to offer our best to those we serve. It is necessary, therefore, that we discern gifts and determine a person’s suitability to a ministry position. At St. Cuthbert’s we are abundantly blessed with gifted and committed clergy, employees and volunteers who offer their talents in full recognition of their obligations. And we ensure that those we place in positions of power and trust be selected, trained and supported so that their ministry may be life-giving.

Under the Screening in Faith Program of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, St. Cuthbert’s has a well-established program for screening, training and supervision, to ensure that volunteers who may be in contact with vulnerable children and adults, and those we place in positions of power and trust are selected, trained and supported so that their ministry may be life-giving. In partnership with Christ Church Deer Park St. Clement’s parishes. We are in discussion with St. Augustine of Canterbury who may become a new partner in the all of 2018. We conduct “Screening in Faith” programs three times a year. Attendance at these programs is required at the beginning of volunteering and every three years thereafter for all persons. All employees and ordained persons and persons applying to volunteer to work with children or vulnerable adults are also required to have a police record check that is updated every three years.

  • In our multi parish Screening in Faith program in 2017 we provided training to 23 individuals. The Church Office processed 4 police checks and we currently have 3 volunteers in need of training and another 3 who will be due before the end of the year. (Police records checks were processed through the diocese’s Human Resources Office to ensure confidentiality. The parish is only informed about whether the volunteer has passed the criminal records check. Details are not disclosed to the parish).
  • Our Baptismal Covenant identifies that we are to seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbour as ourselves (Book of Alternative Services, p. 159). A fundamental obligation, therefore, is to look after the welfare of all members of our community but especially those who are vulnerable through age, infirmity or particular circumstances of dependency. At St. Cuthbert’s we endeavour to fulfill this sacred trust responsibly and safely.
  • For more information about St. Cuthbert’s Safe Church programs contact the parish office, 416-485-0329 or by e-mail to