New to St. Cuthbert’s?

Come and see what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus today.

Arrive just as you are and experience God’s unconditional love.
Join inspiring worship, learn and inquire, meet new friends.
Participate in the healing of the world through service.
No matter where you are in your life journey,
we invite you to walk alongside us.

We extend a warm invitation to visit us for worship, or at any of our events.

We hope this page addresses some of the questions you may have, but please do not hesitate to contact us or visit to find out more.

We Celebrate the Anglican Tradition

St. Cuthbert’s is one of over 200 congregations in the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, and part of the Anglican Church of Canada.  Over 85 million Christians around the world belong to the Anglican/Episcopal Communion.

Our members come from a variety of faith backgrounds and denominations, and we welcome all to join us for worship and events.   You do not need to “figure it all out” in order to join in – we encourage life-long faith inquiry and questions.

What We Believe

We are a people seeking to know, love, and follow Jesus in serving God’s mission. Our faith is anchored in our baptismal covenant, the promises made at baptism.   With God’s help, we promise:

  • To continue in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in the prayers.
  • To persevere in resisting evil and, whenever we fall into sin, repent and return to the Lord.
  • To proclaim by word and example the good news of God in Christ.
  • To seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbour as ourself.
  • To strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being.
  • To safeguard the integrity of God’s creation and respect, sustain, and renew the life of the earth.

Find out more about being Anglican or about baptism.

churchWhen You Arrive

We’re at 1399 Bayview Avenue, just south of Davisville. Parking is behind the church off St. Cuthbert’s Road. On Sunday mornings, there is overflow parking at the Humphrey Funeral Home just north of the church.
Wheelchair access is available through the St. Cuthbert’s Road entrance. An elevator takes you upstairs to the offices, boardroom and church. Accessible washrooms are on the street level and upstairs.

What to Expect When You Visit

Our services draw from a rich tradition of Anglican prayers, either from the Book of Common Prayer, based on 16th century rites and language, or the more modern Book of Alternative Services (1985)

When you arrive our welcome team will give you a bulletin to guide you through the service, with the relevant page numbers and hymn numbers for the books in the pews.  Feel free to ask for instructions or participate in the service in whatever way feels comfortable.  Sing or hum along with the music and join in the prayers and responses as you wish.

Children and Babies

We love having babies in our midst.  And we know that they squirm, cry and wiggle because that is how God made them!  Please do not feel self conscious if your little one makes noises or if your toddler wants to wander up the aisle to check out what the priest is doing, or if you need to step downstairs for a while to calm a fussy baby or change a diaper.  The spirit garden area at the back of the church is a great space for active toddlers to play or colour when they get restless.  The welcome team will support you with anything you need.

When your little one is ready, there is a full children’s program during both the 8 am and 10 am services.  Our volunteers and staff are all police checked and follow the Diocese of Toronto child safety protocols, so you can rest assured your children are well looked after and having fun as they grow their faith through age appropriate activities and music.  The children rejoin us upstairs for communion.  If you are interested in baptism for your child, you may want to explore our baptism page.

If you are coming with a stroller, you can avoid our front stairs by using our accessible door at the side of the church (St. Cuthbert’s Road).  You will find an accessible washroom with a change table there too.

New to Anglican Services?

You can find out about our services on this site, but here is a guide to a couple of things that may take you by surprise if you are new to Anglican worship.

Stand, sit or kneel?  You are likely to be uncertain when to stand, sit or kneel during the service.  For the most part this is a matter of personal preference and physical ability.  You will probably feel most comfortable following along with the majority: generally people stand to sing, sit to listen to scripture reading, and kneel or stand to pray.  If in doubt, we recommend following your neighbour!

The collection: During the service a brass plate will be passed for a monetary collection.  As our guest, you are not expected to make an offering, however some people give the amount that they earn in an hour – we think of this as giving our first hour’s labour to God.  There are envelopes in the pews which you can use to keep your offering confidential, and to request a tax receipt.  Tax receipts are issued in January for the year.  Many of our members give by pre-authorized giving, and that’s why you will see the plate passing them by.

The peace: At one moment during most services the priest will say “The Peace of the Lord be always with you.”  The people respond with “And also with you,” and then exchange a handshake and a word of peace with those around them.  We know it can be disconcerting to greet a bunch of strangers.  At this point we are reconciling with our neighbours, renewing our connection and passing the peace of God – it is not a social hour.  We will not be offended if you want to be private and don’t put out your hand – but you won’t escape some genuine friendly smiles.

The Eucharist:  The high point of most of our services is the Eucharist – also called communion.  This is the holy moment when the priest consecrates (blesses) bread and wine in remembrance of Jesus Christ’s last supper.  Adults and children are all welcome at the altar – just follow the direction of the welcome team and your neighbour.

If you have been baptized in any Christian church, you are invited to receive the bread and wine.  You will be offered a wafer of bread first, and then a sip from a common cup.  Dipping the wafer into the cup with your fingers is not permitted for hygiene reasons. If you are not comfortable sipping from the common cup, just cross your arms over your chest and the cup will pass you by. If you require a gluten-free wafer, please let the welcome team know or quietly tell the priest at the altar rail.

If you are not baptized, or do not wish to receive the bread or the wine right now, you are invited come up with everyone and simply receive a blessing – just cross your arms over your chest to signal your intention at the rail.   If you are more comfortable remaining in your seat, that is also just fine.  Please speak to the priest if you are interested in preparing for baptism.

Coffee hour:  After the service we gather for coffee and a treat downstairs in our gym (Lamb Hall).  We would love to get to know you over coffee. Someone from the welcome team will direct you, or you can just follow the crowd.  We hope you will join us if your schedule allows.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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