Bayview Garden Project

Thank you to The Anglican Foundation of Canada for their grant in support of the Bayview Garden Project!

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The Bayview Garden Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will be held on Sunday, September 18th, 2022 at 2pm. Please plan to join us in celebrating our new prayerful, peaceful garden as we unveil it to the community.

Update as of June 30, 2021

St. Cuthbert’s and The Bayview Garden Project Committee extend their deepest gratitude to The Anglican Foundation of Canada for their grant of $5,000 in support of the Bayview Garden Project.  

  1. Onsite Meeting with Contractors
    • Janet, Heather, Tim, Fahad (our tech consultant) and Ian B. met onsite with contractors on Wed June 23rd to discuss coordination of construction.
    • It was an excellent meeting and we have a terrific team to execute the project including  All-Weather Landscape Contracting,  Whistling Dwarf Stonework, WSI Sign and Rushforth Electric.
    • Construction is expected to start in the week of September 20.  The contractors discussed how to best proceed/sequence the work.
  2. Fundraising & Matching Gift Appeal
  • That said, the job is not done and every donation toward the project is meaningful and important and will impact the extent of the work that we are able to complete.  (If we do not raise all the needed funds, we will scale the project back accordingly with deletions of work/features.)
  • Regarding the Matching Gift Appeal:
    • If you have not already made a contribution to the project, please do so now so that we know how much money we have to proceed with the project.
    • Funds pledged or committed need not be provided immediately but must be received by September for work to proceed.
    • All donations will be issued receipts for tax purposes and should be specifically indicated to have been provided for the “Bayview Garden Project” so that they are set aside for the project. (Please click here to learn about ways to make a donation)
  1. Why is this project important for St. Cuthbert’s?
  • The Bayview Garden Project will provide important benefits for St. Cuthbert’s:  (i) it will result in the installation of new signage and identity for St. Cuthbert’s along Bayview Avenue; (ii) it will open up and provide a welcoming frontage and usable plaza and new front entrance to the church at the corner of Bayview/St. Cuthbert’s, and (iii) it will provide a tranquil garden for quiet contemplation, rest, prayer and meditation for our parishioners, neighbors, members of the community and other passersby. 
  • The need for new signage, new front steps, repairs to the retaining wall and the plaza, which provides the landing for the new steps and connection to the street, is non-discretionary work– it is work that needs to be done primarily for safety and accessibility purposes and for St. Cuthbert’s identity.  Approximately $200,000 of the $280,000 in project costs relate to this work.
  • The contemplative prayer garden will expand on the existing garden area which has proven popular with neighbors and members of the community and provides a welcoming area for them to visit and connect with St. Cuthbert’s.  This garden represents the balance of the project costs.

A Final Thought:  This project will be a great success and will proceed to the extent of our funding.  Let’s make it as great as it can be!

If you have any questions about the Bayview Garden Project or the Matching Gift Appeal, please send an email or leave a telephone message at the Church Office (email:  / phone:  416 485 0329) and one of the Bayview Garden team members will respond.

Thank you, The Bayview Garden Project Team


A core team of Reverend Janet, Chris Vyse, Guy Stevenson, Michael Wissell, Tim Sellers, Mary Lynne Stewart and Ian Beverley with recent additions of Spencer Wissell, Linda Prue and Jane Milligan have been working over the last six months to make the Bayview Garden Project a reality this fall.  Here is the current status:
  • We have all permits in place or in progress to undertake the project.
  • The new illuminated sign has been ordered and is ready for installation when the rest of the project proceeds.
  • With Amy Turner, our landscape architect, we have selected a landscape architect who will be available to begin construction with the other contractors this October
  • The funds required to complete the project are $280,000.  Work will proceed as funds become available.
  • How are we going to fund this? 
    • Over the past years we have received approximately $90,000 to fund the costs to date of approximately $70,000. 
    • Over the past 6 months the Project Team has been submitting funding applications to various charities and foundations.

Matching Gift Program

      • The Wardens have allocated $100,000 from the Norma Bird Bequest to be made available for the Bayview Garden Project in a dollar for dollar matching gift program to start in June.
      • Under this program, each dollar donated to the Bayview Garden Project will be matched by one dollar from this allocation up to a maximum of $100,000 and to a total amount of $200,000.  This is a great opportunity to get this project moving.
      • Additional funding applications continue in progress. 
      • Materials on the Matching Gift Program will be provided to parishioners in early June.  PLEASE WATCH FOR THEM AND RESPOND AS YOU ARE ABLE.
      • While details are being finalized, an In Memoriam recognition program is being prepared for contributions to the Bayview Garden Project.

This is an exciting time and an exciting opportunity to relaunch, revitalize and re-present St. Cuthbert’s as we begin to envision our return to our physical church in the fall.