St. Cuthbert's Church

St. Cuthbert’s in-person Book & Bake Sale – Sunday, April 24th at 1-4 pm

We are having our first indoor, in-person Sale since March 2020!

Kids, Teens and Adult used books for sale. Don’t miss our Freshly Baked Delights, preserves, jams and jellys. Share the news with your family and friends. All proceeds will go toward St. Cuthbert’s Church.

St. Cuthbert’s TimeTalentTreasure2022 ONLINE AUCTION

Our TimeTalentTreasure2022 online auction will end this Sunday, February 27th at 2 pm.  So, if you’ve been holding off on your bids, maybe Sunday around 1:30 pm might be a good time to start topping up bids on your favourite items at 32Auctions

Special information!  The auction is set to have Extended Bidding on it.  This means that if you are outbid just before 2 o’clock, you will get the regular notice that you’ve been outbid, but WILL have an opportunity to up your bid.  It also means that after that, someone else can outbid you, as long as they move quickly (under 5 minutes).  This can continue until 2:30 pm at the latest.

Go to 32Auctions to bid or outbid on your favourite items!

Thank You for your support!


The parish Prayer Circle will be gathering on Monday, December 27 at 6 pm.  to pray for the needs of our community, country and world, and for those who have asked for our prayers. We’ll be meeting virtually via Webex, and you’re invited to join us by phone or internet. Please contact the church office for the sign-in information, or to request a prayer, at    

Mbitsemunda and Kimonyo have arrived! See all the details here:

All pets and people are welcome! Saturday October 3 at 11:00 a.m. – a virtual service over Webex. We celebrate the feast of St. Francis of Assisi and give thanks for the gift of all God’s creatures. A simple service of prayer, scripture, song, and a special virtual blessing for our animal friends!